Water and Sanitation

06 April, 2015 Africa
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The Maasai community live in arid and semi-arid areas that have very few rivers most of which are seasonal and getting water is such a big challenge for the families. This forced the community to move from one region to another in the past in search for pasture and water. Today, people have formed settlements in different places such that almost every productive land has been taken up. The community is therefore forced to stay in the dry region and endure the dry spells. The Light of Life Organization came up with a program to educate the community on water management and at the same time help them by donating water tanks which can be used to store harvested rain water. However, this is a challenge to those families whose houses are not well roofed with iron sheets, thus calling for more donation to build houses with proper roofs to enable families harvest rain water.
The Light of Life Organization is willing to work with donors to see the Maasai people get access to clean and safe water. Among the ideas are providing water tanks as well as sinking boreholes in the dry regions within the community.

Over the past 5 years, the organization has been able to provide over 300 water tanks to different families within the community and still hoping to provide more. The organization also has a plan where those families are visited twice a year to ensure that the tanks are being of good help to them and even gather more ideas on the most appropriate way to come up with a sustainable solution for this problem in the community.


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