Mary Moraa

Mary’s traumatic story begins with her parents trying to traffic her and her sister. We were very shocked to find out that her parents were attempting to do this to these young girls. Mary is 9 and her sister is 4. Just imagine people you trust and rely on even contemplating trafficking you for their own needs! And worse yet at the age of 9 years! The parents, once discovered, ran away in a selfish attempt to escape police capture, leaving behind Mary as well as her 4 year old younger sister in Town. The two young girls were heartlessly abandoned with no one to help them. This was until a kind Good Samaritan discovered the tender-aged children and took them into her home. Mary and her sister lived with the good-hearted stranger for a month after which they were presented to the local children’s office.

The local office contacted us and we rescued the two girls on 10th December 2015. Mary and her younger sister were placed in a children’s home. This being a serious case that involves breaking of the Child and Human trafficking laws, their case is still currently being followed up by the Children’s office in and out of court.

Even though the rescue was successful, there was another barrier at hand. It was clear that the young girls had experienced a great amount of stress and emotional trauma from the behaviour and mannerisms they exhibited when we first rescued them. In Mary’s case, she found it difficult recalling her family name. She was constantly restless and spent majority of the time running up and down the place. We have also noticed the same agitated and fidgety nature even while she is sleeping. She displays signs of self-defence in her sleep through throwing her legs in kicking motions. Based on our observations we have deduced that there is a possibility that she may have been the victim of some sort of abuse before her rescue.

Mary is still quite unsettled and we are tentatively attempting to gain her trust and get her to feel safe enough to confide in us her story. This is a continuous process and we are providing emotional support through counselling and creating an environment where she feels secure and cared for. We will gain more clarity on the details of her early life as she continues to improve in our care.