Esther Murguyia

Esther was only fortunate enough to attend school consistently but ended up dropping out after she completed her primary education. Her father who was illiterate did not see the value of educating his daughter and was not particularly concerned with the needs of the girl child. He had already made arrangements to have his daughter marry one of his friends, who was actually about the same age as him. The bride price had been negotiated and agreed upon by the time Esther was preparing to take her final examinations in primary school.

When she was 15 years old, Esther tried her best to stand up to her parents and resist the marriage plans that had already been put in place on her behalf. She fought with her mother every single day imploring her to change her mind about her fate to no avail. Esther tried to convey to her father her great desire to continue on with her studies but he would not even provide her with the time and opportunity with which to express herself. She could not fathom why her father was behaving in such an arrogant manner, refusing to talk to her and listen to her wishes. Her father, who boasted 4 wives and 19 children, was adamant in his refusal to allow her to carry on with her education. His decision to marry off his young daughter was particularly deplorable because the main intention of the forthcoming union was to strengthen the bonds of friendship he had with his childhood friend to whom his daughter had been pledged.

Esther was very determined to resume school and progress with her education. When she was 16 years old, she decided to write to Light of Life detailing her predicament at home after struggling to stand up to her parents and fight for her right to an education. She had heard about Light of Life before and opted to take a chance and give us a shot. Fortunately, we were successful in rescuing her, managing to do so just a day before her impending marriage. The rescue process proved to be very difficult and challenging, prompting us to reach out to the media to intervene, specifically Nation and Standard newspapers, and in the end we prevailed over the resisting forces.

Esther is now currently enrolled in a secondary school located 340 kilometers away from her village. She has settled into her new school and is progressing well with her studies.